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Ultra-rich choosing Portugal

18 October 2023

There are two Portuguese regions that are among the favourites of the ultra-rich to spend their holidays.

Commercial real estate investment up

18 August 2023

Commercial real estate investment increased by 18% through June, according to a report released by consultancy Cushman & Wakefield.

Portugal professional views - Golden Visa: A New Era

21 July 2023

The changes to the Golden Visa law finally became clear, after months of uncertainty that could have affected deeply and irreversibly the international reputation of Portugal as a safe investment destination.

The new radar of the North Americans. Investment and tourism break records in Portugal

3 May 2023

Portugal is on the radar of North Americans. Proof of this is the increase in tourists, investment and the number of flights (...)

Portugal’s Golden Visas – Now or Never!

21 April 2023

Following months of uncertainty regarding the end of the Golden visa and doubts about retroactivity, the final proposal has now been revealed and a window of opportunity for prospective investors is still open.

Guide to Buying Property for Sale in Portugal

24 March 2023

Whether you are seeking a holiday getaway or looking to invest in overseas real estate, property for sale in Portugal is appealing for a number of reasons.

Portugal Professional Views on Golden Visa Online Renewals

09 February 2023

Much has been publicised about the recent decision to move Golden Visa Renewals online by the Portuguese Authorities. But what does it really mean, is it enough and what more can be done? We asked 3 leading operators in this space for their views.

Portugal’s Top Residency Visa Options—And Who They’re Best Suited To

31 January 2023

Portugal is the number-one destination in Europe for ease of residency.

Why Portugal has the best EU Residency by Investment Programme in 2023

9 January 2023

Affordability, unbeatable tax benefits to foreign nationals among the perks

Portugal offers exciting opportunities for investors

6 December 2022

After a decade of growth in the real estate market, Portugal remains a booming investment centre and an attractive destination for those looking to take the plunge and apply for a golden visa.

New regime for the entry of immigrants in Portugal comes into force today

30 October 2022

The new regime for the entry of immigrants into Portugal comes into force today, with a six-month visa for a foreigner looking for work in the country.

An introduction to taxes in Portugal

11 October 2022

Taxes in Portugal are much kinder than in some other parts of Europe and a big incentive to UK nationals who are looking to retire abroad.

Golden Visa is an alternative for Brazilians who want to live in Portugal

13 September 2022

Brazilians who want to live in Portugal have some alternatives to establish residence in the country. One of them is the Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI), popularly known as Golden Visa.

CPLP citizens exempt from applying for a visa in person

01 September 2022

This makes the process easier for people coming from these countries. The long-announced decision was approved this Thursday.

Portugal's Golden Visa Program registers a 94% increase in May

15 June 2022

An overall increase of 94 percent was observed in the Portuguese Golden Visa program in the last month, compared to May 2021, to 53.8 million euros.

Do you want to live or invest in Portugal? Learn how to obtain the Golden Visa to have free access to the country

06 May 2022

Lawyers explain the process to apply for a visa and what precautions should be taken to avoid scams.

Golden Visa Program Success – Will it continue this year?

22 February 2022

There is no doubt that Portugal has reaped the rewards of its innovative Golden Visa program in recent years, and 2021 was no exception to the rule.

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